Santa Claus vs Jesus Christ
By James Robert Watson, PhD

Two of the most popular cult icons in history are Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.
These two pop figures are an integral part of Western culture.

Similarities between Santa & Jesus.
They both were/are:
• Introduced to the world by stories in a book
• Bearded
• Encourage goodness
• Reward good behavior
• Judgmental: coal or present, heaven or hell
• Celebrated on December 25
• Honored in song: gospel and carols
• Superhuman: flight, conquer death, never die
• Miracle performers: squeezing into chimneys, water to wine,
      thousands of fish, thousands of presents
• Perpetuated by folk tales and generations of embellishments
• Worshipped: kids adore both (usually Santa with more excitement)

Differences between Santa & Jesus
• The origin of Santa is based on a real person who was benevolent, loving, and giving; with documented evidence. The origin of Jesus is based on a story, written by religious advocates, decades after his death. No information was recorded during Jesus' life.
• Children are eager to go see Santa & get quite excited. Children need to be forced, lied to, or threatened to go to church or Sunday school. They don't go to see Jesus.
• Kids worship Santa with more excitement. Santa's gifts are more desired by children.
• There is no common knowledge of Santa losing his temper. Jesus lost his temper in the temple with the moneychangers.
• Santa is often portrayed with his wife, a loving motherly woman; portraying family values. Jesus never even married and he was raised by a never-married single mom.
• If one chooses not to worship Santa, there are no serious negative consequences. If one chooses not to worship Jesus, he/she is threatened with not having everlasting life.
• Their claims are different. Santa makes no outrageous personal claims for those who do/do not believe in him. Jesus claims that he can 'heal' people or sentence them to a life in hell.

Adult beliefs
As one becomes an adult one acknowledges that Santa is nothing more than a fun fairy tale. Adults reject worshipping Santa. But many adults continue to deceive kids into believing Santa is real. Jesus, who is real only in belief systems and is no more 'real' than Santa, continues to be worshipped by adults.

Great idea
Maybe we need a new religion: Clausianity. To worship Santa. Both Santa and Jesus are folk tales with similar backgrounds and powers. So, lets worship the one that is more jolly, more fun, more joyous, and more celebrated. The worship centers can be fun fantasy North Pole villages. There are already plenty of Santa/winter/Frosty songs to put in the songbook. Besides, the worst that can happen is a lump of coal.

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