Some inspirational costumes people wear to please their Lord

Say, "Cheese!"

Women from a polygamist cult in Texas. A couple in sacred underwear - reserved for worthy Mormons.

The most revered and worshipped Man in the Catholic Church - the Holy See - the Pope (with His minions). He probly looked better during the Medieval era when there was a lot of ignorance, superstition, and fear - oh wait, there's a lot of that today.

Theories on why people dress to impress
• The men of the cult dictate it to keep women subservient and 'in their place'.
• To please God. Really? If they do this, then God will love them more or their place in Heaven is more assured? They choose to worship a supreme creator that is so petty, childish, and insecure that He demands people dress a certain way to please Him and show that they will obey Him. Jeez, this Guy should get a life and leave these people alone to do good works.
• They are afraid that if they don't, then they will go to Hell or piss off God and he won't answer their prayers or He will smite them with lightning, floods, tornados, or some other disaster.
• They feel a need to frighten people into submission, especially those who don't dress just like they do.
• They want to fit in with their fellow believers. They are sheeple and apparently unable to think for themselves.
• They don't really have a reason other than they were told to dress like this and they obeyed.

How far do we have to go?
Where's the limit on how much silliness we should tolerate. Men having to wash their feet before they pray? The restrictive clothes, the discrimination, the blatant sexism of submission and domination? The inane 'political correctness'?
Do we just tolerate delusional people and look the other way. Seems so. But what do we do when their delusional beliefs affect others - do we tolerate that? Just where is that line? Is flying a jet into a building in the name of Allah inappropriate or do we accept it as okay in the name of tolerance and political correctness - we should respect their beliefs in the name of diversity. There are laws within a society that provide consequences to murder, rape, and abuse. Aren't those based on values, also? The men that flew the missile planes were from a culture that believed murdering humans for Allah was not only okay it would be rewarded. Why should we impose our values on their beliefs? Even in the USA, we believe there are times when murdering another human being is justified and the right thing to do - the dearth penalty, abortion, self-defense. How about when religious people want to inflict their personal values into government legislation? Is that to be tolerated? At what point do we just say, Stop - that's just ridiculous. I won't support nor condone such behavior?

Why can't one just let it go?
Because, men and women who blindly follow their faith - without reason or logic - fly planes into buildings, subjugate women, murder in the name of God, discourage birth control, strive to dictate school curriculum, demand discriminatory legislation, and on and on.

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