Logo for Advertising Art courses
Brookhaven College is one of 7 campuses in the greater Dallas area. These community colleges enrolled over 40,000 students in the 1980s. Jim Watson worked as an instructor and assistant to the director of the Advertising Art program at Brookhaven. Brookhaven had the only extensive program in advertising and graphic design. It was a popular and successful program with sections both in the day and in the evening.

The Advertising Art course logo
An identity was created to be used on the course materials handed to students in class and available in the college bookstore. It consists of three major components - three stylized contemporary shapes that spell ADV, classic typography with thick and thin forms that spell out the specific course numbers, and a horizontal line beneath those elements to provide stability and continuity. The combination of the classic numbers and the abstracted letters conveys the breadth of the subject matter and the dichotomy often found in advertising and design.

A few sketches
I explored ways to render the prefix ADV, filling the counter of the D at one point. Then I explored solid masses for the letters - they still read okay. Then I combined the sketches of the solid geometric shaped mass with the course numbers inside the letters. That was working but the course numbers looked awkward. I aligned the numbers on a horizontal baseline which offset the ADV letters. I offset the stark solid geometric shapes with a very pronounced organic curvilinear thick&thin font for the numbers. The tension of balancing on the V was sorta nice. The line beneath provides a stable base for the figures. For the final mechanical I inked the letters and added the typeset numbers, then shot a reverse/negative of that on a Pos-I camera to get the positive image.

Design and production: 1985