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Dallas 1992-2006  •  Austin 1994-2002  •  Vegas 2002-2010

Manhattan 2007-2016  •  Brooklyn 2011-

Childhood pets

Three boys and their dog, Blackie, 1956. Smokey the cat, 1961.

Blackie the dog, Smokey the cat, and Tigre the kitten, 1961.

Blackie the dog and Tigre the kitten, 1961.

Tigre, 1967.

Chica the Christmas puppy and, later, her pups with mom and dad.

Chica: family dog, Christmas present, 1960s


Dallas & Austin


Dallas & Vegas


Vegas & Manhattan


The day before her tonsil tumor removal surgery:

Her favorite spot to lay in the monkey grass.

Manhattan & Brooklyn

Below: the girls at Pawparazzi, a great boarding place with a dogcam. It was so great to be able to check in on the girls while out of town.

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The dogs in New York City
I had attempted to drive to New York in the summer of 2007 with my new dog, Manhattan. She didn't handle it well. We turned around and went back to Edmond. I arranged for the adoption people to foster her for a month, shortened the trip to 4 weeks, and set out a week later with just Vegas. But for the summer of 2008, I wanted to take both dogs. So we set out to make it work. Manhattan and I took dog obedience classes, we drove to the dog park in Edmond, we took practice trips on the freeway and even on the turnpike towards New York. She did fine. She wasn't too comfortable - she would pace in the back - but she didn't throw up or poop in the car. So, we tried again. She paced at first but finally settled down (or the Valium kicked in). Within a couple of hours, she laid down in the back of the car and seemed to be comfortable with that for the next 3 days of driving. I put the bedspread in the back so it smelled like home. We checked into Motel 6. They have a good pet policy and I called each manager to get permission for a second dog. Once in the room, they both enjoyed walking around a bit, but then they just wanted to nap since they didn't get much sleep in the car. On the third day, we drove on into Manhattan and to the Battery Park City naberhood. The girls are always a big hit when we go for walks. They are so exotic looking that people come up and pet them and take pictures. I enjoy the opportunity to talk bout them and the city.
1992-2002, Numerous trips to Dallas with Dallas & Austin
2005, July, with Vegas 1
2006, May 30 - August 8, with Vegas 2
2006-07, December - January, with Vegas 3
2007, May 16 - June 17, with Vegas 4
(without Manhattan)
2008, May 29 - July 19, with Vegas 5 & Manhattan 1
2009, May 12 - July 7, with Vegas 6 & Manhattan 2
The Surgery
2009, December: Illinois, with Vegas & Manhattan
2010, April 15 - June 20, with Vegas 7 & Manhattan 3
2010, August 2-21, with Manhattan 4

2010, October 8-18: Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, with Manhattan
2010-11, December 21 - January 11, with Manhattan 5 The Blizzard
2011, May 9 - June 16, with Manhattan 6
2013, April 12-13: Illinois, with Manhattan & Brooklyn
2015, April 30 - May 16, with Manhattan 7 & Brooklyn 1
2016, April 16-25, with Manhattan 8 & Brooklyn 2
Total trips with dogs: 12  Vegas 7  Manhattan 8  Brooklyn 2

Vegas in NYC in one of her usual spots - the bathroom floor. Waiting to take a walk.

Her eatin' corner - in a Karim Rashid designed vase and bowl from Crate & Barrel.

Vegas waiting while I get dinner at some Italian place. With the Cobbs on the Esplanade.

Along the Hudson Esplanade.

Looking up from the dog run - the lone building in the far distance is the Art Deco style Verizon building, right in front of it would have been the North Tower of the Trade Center. The building to the right of it is the new World Trade Center 7 building. The tall building in the middle used to be the Downtown Athletic Club, home of the Heisman Trophy, now its luxury condominiums.

In hotel rooms:

The girls on the Esplanade along the Hudson River.

The dogs with their new friends in the dogpark by the condo, Vegas on the far left, Manhattan in the foreground right.

The photo shoot
One morning, it was quite cool out so we went for a longer walk than usual. Greyhounds tire easily and so we don't take long walks when its hot, but this morning was actually chilly. As we walked past the marina, I noticed a photo shoot down on the pier. I thought, they need to put these beautiful dogs in their photo. But they didn't notice us so we walked on. We came back the same way, but this time, they were shooting up on the esplanade and the photographer stopped us and asked if he could put my dogs in the photo. I said, Sure. It was for a lingerie catalog in Chile. There was the photographer from Colombia, a make-up person, a hairdresser, two dressers, two production assistants, a video documenter, a producer and 2 client reps from Chile. The model would change clothes (as skimpy as they were) right there on the esplanade. The dressers would wrap a large towel around her and she changed inside the towel as they handed her the next items to wear. The crew was nice and we chatted about dogs, Chile, models, and the shoot. It was quite a crowd showstopper - a sexy model in lingerie and 2 sexy greyhounds. A real hoot.

Above left: In the car coming back from Illinois. Above right and below: From Dallas to OKC.

Above: In the car in Ohio. Below: motels in Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Like any first-time tourist, Brooklyn hangs her head out the window and gawks at the tall buildings.

The girls playing in the dog park by the condo building.

Brooklyn, who I was apprehensive about in NYC, learned how to turn the latch and let herself out of the apt. Monday dusk, I was sitting outside when I spotted someone with a black greyhound! I walked over to introduce myself and see the dog. It was Bob, the building manager, with Brooklyn. She was wandering the 5th floor and he was taking her to the vet across the street to have her implanted chip scanned. We took her to my apt and he changed the door handle so it was vertical and harder for her to open. We noticed that the dead bolt lock was busted. Tuesday morning, I left to go get a new one.
When I got back to the building, he stopped me - she got out again and frightened a bitch (human, not dog) at the other end of the hall. She (human, not dog) ran down to the office screaming hysterically and went over to the management office. They called the bldg mgr who explained how gentle the dog was and that, at that very moment, I was out buying a new dead bolt. The issue was brought up that dogs are supposed to be less than 25 pounds (not enforced as there are many other larger dogs in the building). I went up and installed the lock. I met the woman last night (she really is a royal bitch) and apologized.
I went into the city just once a day. Not a bad compromise. The girls get home and to their house, yard, and parks. And I get another week to experience NYC. I love my girls but don't want them freaking out others, even the really bitchy ones.

Above left: At a rest area. Manhattan in the hotel bed.

Below left: Stopping for coffee in BPC. At the Hudson River, 5:30a.


Brooklyn being delivered to our street.

Brooklyn's rehab from surgery

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