Dasani branding

The bottled water category has been an incredible success. The competition is stiff and Dasani does not sell as well as Aquafina. The Coca-Cola Company is exploring the option of rebranding Dasani with a new name and new logo identity. You have been hired to explore new names, propose a recommended name and new identity. Coke executives believe that it may have been a mistake to not integrate the Coke or Coca-Cola name in the new product - maybe Coke Free (free of added flavors, caffeine, sugar, etc.)

Phase 1
Complete the following 5 tasks, produce on paper, any format, and bring to class:
1. Research Dasani to become educated about the product and its marketing philosophy. List all the ways you researched the current Dasani brand. You don't need to detail what you discovered or the results of your research, just what you did.
2. Explore a variety of new names, at least one of which to include the words Coke or Coca-Cola. Submit several name options.
3. Determine which of those names from part 2 holds the most promise of marketing success. Submit detailed supporting rationale as to why the proposed name is the right one.
4. Determine the Primary Target Market and the Secondary Target Market for the rebranded Dasani. These markets do not necessarily have to match the current target audiences. Submit these two target markets. Remember that target markets should be very very specific - age group, economic background, ethnicity, gender, educational background, likes, dislikes, etc.
5. List and submit adjectives/descriptors that the new brand should convey (refreshing, thirst-quenching, etc).

Be prepared to discuss your submissions for Phase 1 in class. You may have to turn in a hard copy so plan ahead.

Phase 2
TBA: The design process of developing the visuals for the new brand.