The exterior car cup holder

You may have done this - set your drink on top of your car while you got your keys out. You then got in the car, started it up and drove off. Oops, there goes the drink. Shoot. Not uncommon - many of us have done it.

There are cup holders all over the interior of cars - we love the convenience of being able to set our drink down. But we need one outside the car. To hold our stuff while we get settled inside the car. It can be a cup holder that folds up out of the way while driving.

The solution
I bought a fold-up cup holder online to test it out on my car. This particular cup holder can be used with the arms up or down, although there doesn't need to be much support since its used for such a short time. The trial run is working great. So much easier. I may still forget the cup and drive off, but I'm less likely to do that since the cup is more obvious as I get in the car.

You can even see the cup in the side mirror, in case you forgot to get it before you got in the car.

The ledge can also hold a shopping bag or briefcase.

Note to car manufacturers
The exterior cup holder can be constructed with the same door as the gas tank filler thing. The depth is so minimal that it shouldn't interfere with the operation of the rear window and the flush style when closed will not provide any aerodynamic drag.

Concept: Fall, 2008
Prototype tests: April, 2009