God destroys churches, kills Christians, and destroys his statues

What's left of the Sallateeska Baptist Church in Shawnee OK after a fire got 'out of control', Febuary 2008. The pastor said of the fire, "God is always on his throne and knows what is best." Then why do they plan to rebuild? If God knows what is best and He destroyed, or allowed the destruction, of the church, why won't they take His not-so-subtle hint? Tornado damage to the Union Grove Freewill Baptist Church in Arkansas, Febuary 2008 - the same day, a fire destroyed part of the New Covenant Methodist Church in Edmond OK.

God saw fit to demolish this house of worship (and kill 27 people in this community). The pastor is sitting on the steps but there is no firm evidence to confirm that he, his eating habits, or his fashion sense was the cause of God's wrath.

I do not understand why an All-Powerful and All-Loving God or 'Mother Nature' (a nice euphemism for the power of almighty God) destroys houses of worship dedicated to Him or allows such destruction. These are the very places where His many faithful gather, where His love is shared, where numerous prayers originate, and where steeples, angels, and icons stand as testament to His existence.

I can think of several reasons why He would destroy churches:
    1. God decides that there are too many 'bad' people in the congregation and wants to annoy them by having them suffer and raise money for a new structure.
    2. God wants to kill some of the church members (as he killed many 'sinners' in ancient times). This seems unlikely since most church destruction occurs while the buildings are empty and God would certainly know that.
    3. He may be pissed at the pastor/priest/bishop and want to make him/her suffer. This seems odd since there are more loving, more humane, and less destructive ways of annoying church leaders.
    4. God can just no longer stand an ugly building. Since God is the Intelligent Designer, he may just choose to destroy those structures he deems to be too ugly. But, I don't know why he waits until structures are completed since he certainly can see the plans and renderings that are proposed.
    5. According to the fotos above, God is pissed at how fat Americans have become. This doesn't make much sense since many destroyed churches don't have fat pastors and there should be better ways to punish fat people.
    6. We can't truly understand God nor His motives - He may destroy things just out of spite or just for His own amusement - I suspect He gets bored watching us mortals screw around all day. Watching a fire or tornado and watching people panic could be a real hoot for Him.
    7. God goofed and allowed a fire or tornado to get out of his control. This seems unlikely since He is All-Powerful and All-Knowing.
    8. The church buildings are destroyed by naturally occurring events (tornadoes, fires, lightning strikes, etc.) and God decides not to intervene (see reasons stated above).
    9. Churches are destroyed by naturally occurring events, arson, or accidents and God has nothing to do with it since He is just a figment of belief in the minds of delusional people.

Tornado in Joplin, May 22, 2011
142 were killed (as of May 28) and thousands more affected by a massive F-5 tornado. Several churches were destroyed, as religious leaders try to offer meaning after such a disaster.
"You could see the challenge they are going to face, as they preach funerals in the weeks to come," Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said after meeting faith-based leaders this week. "It's enormous."

"God allows things to happen that we don't know why," one of the pastors said earlier this week. "But when we look back, we always hear the good things that happen as a result." (But what about the many deaths, injuries, and losses, and much suffering?)

Church steeple falls and kills lifelong churchgoer
This story is hard to believe, but true. It happened Thursday, July 24, 2008 at the Grace Assembly of God church in Oklahoma City. The church was moving to a new location and building a new building. Winfred and Charlyne Stafford, longtime church members, went to watch as a crane hoisted the new steeple to place on top of the new building. The crane's arm crumpled, fell, and smashed the Stafford's car, instantly crushing Winfred. "He was a great Christian and a man who knew God personally and walked with God for many years." said the Reverend. A couple of thoughts - Winfred should have earlier found a different walking partner. How great a Christian was he if God could watch and allow his horrible death? Maybe Winfred was hiding some evil Satanic secrets that his friends didn't know about, but God clearly did. Reverend Hancock again, "We're looking at it from the perspective that God is a God of grace. God is a God of mercy. God is a God of love." The Reverend is clearly delusional and should be placed in a rehab center soon. Charlyne: "This is the way God chose to bring him home." Crushed to death. She should probably join the Reverend at rehab. Winfred is certainly in Hell - at least I hope so. I would hate to think that God would brutally kill someone and then invite him to heaven.

An 'Act of God' destroys the 'King of Kings' statue
In June, 2010, a landmark along Interstate 75 near Cincinnati, Ohio, was destroyed when a bolt of lightning struck the Kings of Kings statue at the Solid Rock Church, setting it on fire. Believed to be the largest sculpture of Jesus Christ in the United States, it showed Jesus from the torso up and was nicknamed Touchdown Jesus because of the raised arms. There were lightning resistors and grounding rods in place around the statue, but they failed to divert the bolt from the Heavens. “It was fully involved when firefighters got there.”

Some people said the fire is a message from a higher power. "If I look back to the old days when they made a big golden lamb, it resembles that and even some people at work are saying to see it struck by lightning is a sign from God to get rid of idols." Some said the structure represented a garish waste of money that could have been devoted to humanitarian causes. “God struck God, Jesus struck Jesus.”
“It sent goosebumps through my whole body because I am a believer. Of all the things that could have been struck, I just think that that would be protected. It’s something that’s not supposed to happen, Jesus burning.”
“I can’t believe Jesus was struck,” said someone who noted the giant sign for the Hustler Hollywood adult store across the street was untouched. “It’s the last thing I expected to happen.” The Lord hasn’t struck down the store yet. “We’re right down the road and lightning didn’t hit us.”
The statue will be rebuilt. “We are blessed. Now we get to build a brand-new one, all paid-for (because of insurance coverage). This time we are going to try for something fireproof." (to avoid another clear message from God.) Below: Some people doing the YMCA dance.

God has spoken, in our nation's capitol

The recent earthquake in Virginia was felt in Washington DC, where it toppled these stones in the National Cathedral. Other than the Washington Monument, there was very little damage in the capitol. What was God telling us by destroying this angelic figure in a House of Worship? And will we ever listen?

A few days later, a crane toppled at the Cathedral, sending its operator to the hospital, damaging two out-buildings and crushing four vehicles that belonged to contractors. The crane was lifting supplies to the top of the cathedral (as part of the earthquake repair) when it collapsed without warning. "We don't know why it collapsed," DC Fire Chief John Donnelly said. The Rev. Simon Bautista looked out his office window, saw the yellow crane sprawled on the ground, and thought that people must be hurt. When he learned that no one had died or was seriously injured, Bautista called that miraculous. "You can see that this was a divine hand that kept something else from happening."
But, I guess that divine hand can't or won't stop accidents in the first place. Does He just intervene after the fact to show His mighty power?

The Shiloh Baptist Church in Robertsville, Missouri, sits damaged Saturday, January 1, 2011, after a New Year's Eve storm passed through the area.

Great website that lists Places of Worship Created by God and Places of Worship Destroyed by God.