Production credits

The house 1995
Purchase house, May 1995
Architectural design, 1952: Richard Henley
Architectural, interior, & furniture design, 1995: Jim Watson
Inside area: 1,080 square feet
Remodeling: July 9 - Sept 26, 1995
Spa concrete: Ed
Hot tub: Morgan
Demolition, framing, and drywall: Jim Watson, Lon, Ronnie, Steven, Bob
Debris hauloff: Judy
Chief electricians: Larry, Barbara, Keith,Jim P, Chad
Electricians: Justin, Ty, Charlie, Leo, Pedro, Larry, Jim Watson
Plumbing: Bob D, Darrell, Barry
Bathroom tile: Ron, Carl
Kitchen counter: Bruce, Robert
Drywall and texture: Chris
Painting: Chris, Scott, Jim Watson
Carpeting: Greg, Bill
Corrugated tin: Jim Watson
Porch column, bench, 1997: Jim Watson
Eaves, 1996: Ron, Bill, Rick
HVAC, 2003: Allen, Justin
Purge and rearrangement, January 2010
nest thermostats, August 2012: Jim Watson

Kitchen 2002
Architectural and interior design: Jim Watson
Remodeling: March 30 - June 14
Demolition: Jim Watson
Framing: Mark
Electrician: Mark
Plumbing: Harold
Floor tile: Mark, Tess
Pedestals: Jon
Drywall and texture: Mark
Painting: Mark, Jim Watson

Bathroom 2004
Architectural and interior design: Jim Watson
Dates of remodeling: March 25 - May 24
Demolition: Jim Watson
Framing: Danny, Scott
Electrician: Scott
Plumbing: Scott, Harold, Rob
Floor tile: Bryan, Chad
Drywall and texture: Jim Watson
Mirror frame: Larry
Painting: Jim Watson
Grout: Randy
Door curtains: Jim Watson

The house remodel 2013-15

2" blinds, November 2012: Jim Watson
Paint groj door & garage/carport, July 2013: Jim Watson
Tornado shelter, September 2013: Jon, Justin
Interior design 2014: Jim Watson
Floor refinishing, April/May 2014: Brett
Insulation: R
Demo and door/window trim: Jim
Painting grey: Chris & Vince
Carpeting: Jim
Wall cedar slats: Jim
Closet: June 21-24, 2014
New circuits, boxes
Plumbing new sink: Ben
Grout cleaning: Adam
Painting white, July 2015: Chris & Vince
Deck railing removal, January 2015: Jim Watson
Deck columns, painting, June 2015: Jim Watson

The office
Architectural, interior, and desk design: Jim Watson
Inside area: 330 square feet
Construction: June 6 - August 23, 2000
Tree removal: Tom
General contractor: Lance
Concrete slab: Jamie
Concrete sidewalk: James
Framing and drywall: Lance
Chief electrician: Steve
Electricians: Jim M, Bill
Plumbing: Lance
Texture and painting: Lance, Rob
Corrugated tin: Lance, Jim Watson
Siding and eaves: Paul
Rearrangement: July 18-24 2007
Purge and rearrangement: 2007, 2010
Installed nest thermostats: August 2012
Installed dog door: December 2012
New windows, July 2013: Scot, Jim Watson

The exterior and yards
Deck, canopy, and railing design, 2001: Jim Watson
Canopy construction: Lorin
Deck railing: Jim Watson
Trex deck: Mario
Bench and column design: Jim Watson
Bench: Lance
Windows, patio door: Stu, George, John
Front door: Jim Watson
Tree removal: Tom
Landscaping: Martin, Jim Watson
Front yard curbs: Mike, Paul
Fences: Jeff, Jim Watson
Grass: Steve
Roof, 2002: Randy
Wood fences, 2009 & 2010: Jackson
Chain link fence, 2012: Jackson
Spa removal, 2014: Kent
Concrete pad, 2014: Dan
New hotub, March 2014: Kelly, Zach, Nick

Driveway 2004
Design: Jim Watson
Dates of construction: March 1-3, 2004
Supervisor: Alan
Address signs, July: David
Side door, July: Steve
Driveway resealing, 2014: Dan, Craig

Landscaping 2013
Architectural design: Jim Watson
Dates of installation: May 16; June 4-9
Installation: Randy, Brandon, Nate, Jim
Sod installation, July: Hank, Jesse
Wind sculpture, July
Backyard gravel beds: Jim Watson